Viking - Summary

Long-Term Strategy

In the long term, the Viking simply ends up being far too easy to kill to be worth keeping in your party. While the Viking's abilities are quite strong for a Class D mercenary, there are quite a few Class C mercenaries who have equal or stronger abilities, who bring better stats and survivability along with them, making the Viking a less than ideal choice for the later game.

However, as a main character choice, the Axeman is a very, very strong contender. You can bring those Viking/Axeman skills with you all the way into the late game, which really enhances the power of your party. The Axeman and Artilleryman are two of the most ideal mains in the game, when considering long-term strategy.

Vikings Summarized

From all of the evidence, the status of the Viking class in AO is pretty clear. While the Axeman is great as your main character for several very substantial reasons, the Viking as a hirable mercenary is not a good choice for the higher level game. Vikings are extremely helpful to have around in the early and mid-game, even indispensible, but by the mid-levels they begin to lose their luster, due to their extremly low Magic Defense and poor survivability.

I really believe that the spice of Atlantica Online is the dynamic nature of the strategy in the game, allowing for interesting decisions about which mercenaries to use, how to assemble your party and party formation, and how to go about decimating the opponent's party in PvP and PvE. It really is the thinker's MMORPG, and is a truly innovative game. If you're looking for more information, guides and tips on AO, Bright Hub is a great place to go to find it. Have fun on the battlefield, and enjoy your mercs!

Credits: PhilosophicalGamer

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Atlanticaner said...

On the one side I hate the viking because he attacks only sometimes. But on the other side I love him because of his life-power and his 3 on one line attacks.;-)

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